Food & Dietary Supplements

Due to the complex ingredient lists in most foods and dietary supplements, determining if your product is a food or dietary supplement and what the regulatory restrictions are for each presents a unique series of challenges.  Often containing various herbal products, Dietary Supplements are often classified and treated by many regulatory authorities as a foodstuffs but others can classify them as their own entity.  

Leveraging a regulatory expert to help you properly classify and register your product with the appropriate regulatory authority will save you from needless delay and added expense.  To assist in this area, RJR offers the following services to assist in with on-going compliance in this area:

  • Ingredient and label review
  • New Dietary Ingredient Notifications (NDIN)
  • Global registration/notification with the appropriate regulatory authorities 
  • Review of labeling and packaging components
  • Analysis and revision of marketing claims
  • Import, export and customs requirements in foreign countries

Need GMP help? We can link you with qualified GMP experts to assist with your FDA inspection, perform a mock inspection or help with your 483 response.

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