Regulatory Compliance Training from RJR

Regular course offerings

Our consultants regularly teach 90 minute webinars and 2-day seminars for a variety of compliance training companies. Some examples of topics that we regularly teach include:

- Regulatory Compliance in Latin America
- Emerging Markets (BRIC) - Brazil, Russia, India & China
- Supplement Regulation in the US, EU and Canada
- EU Clinical Trial Regulation, Filings and Registrations
- EU Medical Device Directives
- Regulation Compliance in China and SE Asia
- Regulatory compliance in Japan and South Korea
- GMP Compliance for ICH countries (US, EU, Japan)

Customized Training

Have a need for training on a regulatory topic that is not one of our regularly offered courses? RJR Regulatory Solutions can craft a training course to meet your regulatory compliance training needs. Whether it's a modification of one of our existing courses or creating a course completely from scratch, we have the regulatory expertise to be able to handle all of your training needs.

On-Site Training

Do you have a group of people or department who would like receive regulatory training to but you can't justify the travel expense to send them to a training course? We can bring regulatory training to you! Our instructors can provide regulatory compliance training at a remote site of your choice for a fraction of what it would cost your team to travel.

For additional details on remote on-site courses or customized training, please reach out to us at and let us know how we can help.

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